I’ve never been to South America, but Jake at nomadichustle.com certainly has.

He’s originally from the States but has lived in various parts of South America for over 5 years now and loves it. He calls it home now.

I’d say he’s a subject-matter expert when it comes to South America, so I’ve decided to give him the spotlight today because It always best to learn from people who’ve been to places you want to visit.

When I get a chance to go to South America I’m going to give him a call and pick his brain on the best places to go. Or I can review his blog for his awesome travel guides.

He’s got guides for Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Peru, and I’m sure more to come soon. Check out his site for more great articles. https://www.nomadichustle.com/topic/travel/

Catch him on Twitter @nomadichustle or at his website nomadichustle.com. He’s probably on other platforms but these are the two I know he’s most prolific on.

I’m going to try and spotlight some other travellers on here to provide some resources for places I’ve yet to visit or write about. This site will become a resource for people to explore and learn about new places!

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